• Supervisor Course is a 60 hours course plus an additional 20 hours apprenticeship at the range and a 4 hour first aid course.

    The participants will learn about the principals of supervising a shooting range and managing armory in security organization.

    This course is also a prerequisites to Shooting Instructors Course to which you may apply at least one year after completing this course.

    The program includes: 

    1. Laws and regulation.
    2. Instructing Principals.
    3. Types of shooting ranges.
    4. Weapon's Mechanism.
    5. Firing a wide range of weapons: Handguns, Rifles and Semi Machine Guns.


    1. Resident of Israel who has been living in the country permanently for at least 3 years prior to the opening of this course.
    2. 21 years old and over.
    3. Approved by the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Health and the Police.